Windshield Repair Myths That You Should Know

There are many months out there about windshield repair. Chances are good that you’ve heard some of the myths in the past. It is time to learn the truth of the matter, however. The windshield is one of the most important components of the vehicle. It is essential that you get it repaired when the time comes, but sometimes myths can make that easier to say than to do. Some of the most common myths about windshield repair:

Windshield Repair is a DIY Job

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It is best to call a professional to handle windshield repair st. charles mo. Although you can DIY, it is a hard job that comes with many difficulties and challenges.  So it is best to leave the work to someone that does it for a living. They have the tools, the skills, and the expertise to do the job right.

A Small Crack is no Big Deal

Don’t ignore any cracks in the windshield. Even a small crack will increase in size and can prove to be problematic for a vehicle driver.  Fast response to cracked windshields is important.

Windshield Repair Causes Increased Insurance Rates

Increased insurance rates won’t come your way if you damage the windshield.  But it is a common myth that a lot of people seem to believe.   Insurance companies who value their customers would never risk them for such a miniscule repair.

Windshield Repair Costs are Covered by Insurance Companies

Generally speaking, your full coverage auto insurance policy will cover the costs to repair a windshield. However, if you have only a liability or a state required coverage, the policy may not cover the costs of windshield repair. This varies from one company to another so check with your policy to learn if the costs are covered.